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Swissvax is the worlds leading hand made complete car care system. Its long lasting waxes give your paint the perfect shine.

Swissvax is handmade in Switzerland to ensure a constant level of extreme quality for its clientele.


Swissvax is a unique and complete automotive and marine care system which has been developed and continuously refined by wholehearted enthusiasts over more than three generations and nowadays caters for the world’s most sophisticated collectors and enthusiasts needs. We at Swissvax are proud to help our like-minded international clientele to enhance and maintain their automobile or marine investment in proverbial mint shape, true to our motto “Take Care of your Dream”.

Swissvax is a tradition-rich Swiss-based family business which sees the reason for its success in a few key values also referred to as the “Swissvax philosophy” to which you will be introduced now.

The “Antikwachs” for precious antique furniture and lacquers that originally was developed by the Anwander family in the 30’s of the last century, marked the inception of an era of the dedication for paintwork, lacquers and waxes spanning over more than three generations until today resulting in a rich portfolio of highest quality waxes for various applications in the automotive and marine sector and – on top of that – the development of a complete cosmetic automotive car system which even satisfies the most sophisticated requirements and caters for absolutely every detail on your car.

Just like in the very early days, also today Swissvax products are handmade in Switzerland. This manufacturing standard is not to be interpreted as a traditional leftover but an important requirement for achieving the best quality waxes because the secret and highly complex wax formulations and the sensitive valuable ingredients don’t allow the application of industrial production processes.

Quality is a crucially important value to Swissvax which the company considers as the fundament of its worldwide success. The very sophisticated internal quality standards are reflected in every detail of the Swissvax care system:

From the primary products and ingredients to the manufacturing processes and quality control standards up to the finished product, its presentation, boxing and the accessories you can see, feel and experience the quality for which many world famous Swiss products are renowned for. And from a customer’s perspective you will be delighted by new by this outstanding quality every time you are using the products.